Audio Mastering

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If you are going to replicate your single, EP or disk, is highly recommended to create a DDP (Disc Description Protocol) image to be sent to the CD replicator plant and avoid any read failure at the time of replication.

In this stage ISRC and UPC codes are also inserted, if you have them, send them us in a PDF document.

It is important for the preparation of the DDP image, send us the names of the songs ¨well written¨, to be sent without errors to the replicating plant.


1. Click on Add to Cart.

2. Review your Order Summary and Total Amount in the Cart and select “Place Order” to register at the shop and have access to your Order History, and other benefits, or click on Paypal for an express checkout. You can go back at any other moment and register to have access to your Personal Account at dBMix Studios if you wish.

3. Once finalized your master, you will receive an e-mail with the link to download your .WAV files already mastered, next to the DDP image.

For more information you can enter to our section of frequent questions: FAQs
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